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financial-accountsA registered user is assigned the role of Auditor from Culture Gate moderators. Typically he is an established cultural heritage professor, researcher or expert. In order to become a Culture Gate Auditor the user must accept the invitation sent by Culture Gate project team.

An Auditor performs the procedure of authoring.When a contributor of content asks for authoring, the system randomly chooses an auditor account and sends him the uploaded information for auditing. After the auditing process is completed, the auditor notifies the system and forwards the correct information to the original contributor. All this operation is anonymous, for objectivity reasons. Moreover, every member of the community can report a record as “Needs Authoring”. If this happens, the system acknowledges the contributor and begins the auditing procedure.

An auditor views public content and private content after assignment (is informed by message from a moderator that he has been chosen to audit content, he can accept or reject the invitation). Also, the auditor modifies audit-able content opaquely (this modification is visible to the end user as it is mentioned in the content page), can contribute content or be a forum participant.

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