Culture Gate

The Challenge

Create a multidisciplinary, participatory platform that will be useful to experts, artists, researchers, professors, students, authorities,  tourism operators, marketing professionals and simple enthusiasts of Culture Heritage.

The Solution

Culture Gate opens the way towards a unified platform that will provide cultural heritage digital services online with the participation of a large audience of users, both experts and amateurs. The platform can collect small portions of information by many users which is stored, organized and presented to any platform visitor.

View Cultural Content

Use our geographical cultural map or search lists of contributions per discipline from the corresponding menu items.

Share your Artwork

TimeLapse videos, 3D representations, Serious Games or Mobile Applications and many more creations.

Cultural Heritage Points of Interest

Project Team Members

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Mobile Services & Applications

Culture Gate Mobile Application

Collecting real-time tangible and intangible Cultural Heritage Data


Field Service

Captures audiovisual content from an outdoor uncharted location (like an excavation point) and sends it with its coordinates and notes to the web server

Street Service

Captures audiovisual content from an outdoor charted location (like a city street) and sends it with its coordinates and notes to the web server.

Indoor Service

Sends text content related to a tangible cultural item (like an artifact in a museum), along with notes or audiovisual files to the web server.

  • Feedback & Communication 80% 80%
  • Forum Participants 80% 80%
  • Desktop vs Mobile 75% 75%
  • Members vs Visitors 90% 90%

Community Stats

Become a member of Culture Gate and contribute to platform’s development. Upload cultural content or expert artwork, highlight a cultural event, interact with other members through the Discussion Forum and send us your feedback to make Culture Gate a better and more useful platform.

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